With an artisanal appreciation for crafting fine fabric, we search the world-over for nature’s finest and rarest “noble” fibers; we employ only the finest gauge yarns and highest needle counts; and we collaborate with select family-run Italian mills who have been skilled in the production of fine materials for generations.


The term “Noble” is used to designate the world’s finest natural fibers that can be crafted into fine yarns and fabrics. The most prized “noble” fibers are Cashmere, Merino Wool, Belize Cotton, Fil D’Ecosse Cotton, Sea Island Cotton, Mulberry Silk, and ultra-rare fibers like Vicuña and Cervelt. These make up the entirety of the WILLIAM ABRAHAM collection.


While most socks are knit in needle counts of 200 or below, WILLIAM ABRAHAM socks are mostly knit at the relatively high 240 level. As with fine linens, the higher the needle count and finer the gauge yarn, means a finer and more luxurious fabric. For the ultimate in fineness, a select few of our styles are knit with a 260 needle count. As only a few factories in Italy have this capability, this is truly an exclusive luxury.


Unlike most socks, which are knit with a commercial grade synthetic yarn blend, the vast majority of our styles are designed exclusively with 100% natural yarn in the body of the sock. The result is a more elegant aesthetic, softer hand and more breathable fabric. Without the extra stretch of a synthetic yarn, rather than “one-size-fits-all” or just three general sizes, our socks are made in multiple sizes for a closer fit.


As part of our continual search for the world's finest fibers, we sourced two of the world's most exclusive - Vicuña (indigenous to Peru and Bolivia) and Cervelt (a rare Red Deer species in New Zealand). Both are prized for their supreme softness as well as their scarcity. On average, both are thinner/finer (a thin diameter and long length are the two key factors which determine a fiber’s quality, or “fineness”) than cashmere. In addition to each having a sumptuously soft feel, Cervelt provides an incredible strength for long-lasting durability, and Vicuña fabric offers a uniquely elegant and subtle luster. While Cervelt is by far the scarcest, both are far more rare than even cashmere.


Our devotion to elegance focuses on crafting fine fabric. For us, this means a slightly thinner sock, which projects a subtle, yet rich natural luster. To this end, distinct from most, we use the finest gauge yarns and the highest needle counts possible.


We have a particular bias towards the “gentleman’s silhouette” or over-the-calf length, which, in comparison to the mid-calf length, is distinctly more elegant, luxurious and sophisticated – AND, it brings the added benefit of not falling down!

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