"RAKE, CLASSIC, ATELIER" commissioned by WILLIAM ABRAHAM, by Bruno GrizzoElegance.Sartorial.TheFinest.

This is not a sock.

With an artisanal appreciation for crafting fine fabrics, we are proud to introduce a refined and luxurious aesthetic to the world of men's socks.  Through a modern take on masculine elegance, our garments elevate the status of socks to be an essential and esteemed element in the well-heeled man’s tailored wardrobe.
Knit from the finest natural “noble” fibers such as Cashmere, Belize Cotton, Fil D’Ecosse Cotton and Mulberry Silk, and ultra-rare fibers like Vicuña and Cervelt, our collections embody an obsessive search for the world’s finest yarns and craftsmanship.

Featuring fine socks for men, WILLIAM ABRAHAM is the eponymous label founded by William Abraham "Bram" Frankel, Jr. Until now, socks have been limited to two options - either old-school socks or else trendy-fashion socks. Frustrated by the absence of an elegant sock option befitting a discerning wardrobe, Bram was inspired to introduce a sartorial elegance to the mix.

Originally from Atlanta, GA, Bram subsequently studied, lived and worked in some of the world's greatest cities. With the majority of the years abroad spent living in Paris and traveling throughout Europe, Bram developed a distinctly European appreciation for men's style. Returning to New York City with a passion to build WILLIAM ABRAHAM, his first step was to embark on an extensive global search for the finest sock mills in the world. This inevitably led to Italy. The last couple of years involved continual travel to Italy - developing relationships and collaborating with select family-run Italian mills who have been skilled in the production of fine socks for generations.

The four pillars of the WILLIAM ABRAHAM aesthetic are: Parisian Elegance, British Tailoring, Italian Craftsmanship and New York Sophistication. The offering is comprised of the following distinct collections: RAKE, CLASSIC, ATELIER, LIMITED and KICKS (coming soon). Each collection is defined by a unique aesthetic and/or sartorial approach. The common thread that runs through is an intrinsic elegance.

WILLIAM ABRAHAM is proud to introduce a new refined aesthetic and luxuriousness to the world of men's socks.


The WILLIAM ABRAHAM brand is inspired by the man who leads a style-minded life with passion and purpose. With a taste for elegance and a connaisseur’s penchant for the finest, our man is imbued with an art de vivre. When it comes to his wardrobe, he delights in the aesthetic experience of fabric, texture, fit, colour, and fine craftsmanship.


With an artisanal appreciation for crafting fine fabric, we search the world-over for nature’s finest and rarest “noble” fibers; we employ only the finest gauge yarns and highest needle counts; and we collaborate with select family-run Italian mills who have been skilled in the production of fine materials for generations.

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Distinct from most, WILLIAM ABRAHAM eschews the use of synthetic yarn in the body of the sock. Rather, in our pursuit of crafting 1) a more elegant aesthetic, 2) a softer and more luxurious feel, 3) a finer and thinner construction, and 4) a more breathable fabric - the vast majority of the collection is knit in the highest needle counts with 100% natural yarns throughout the body of the sock.


Also unique is our bias for the “Gentleman’s Silhouette,” or Over-The-Calf length. Relative to the mid-calf length, the OTC length is distinctly more elegant, luxurious and sophisticated – AND, it brings the added benefit of not falling down!


By introducing modern elegance, sartorial sophistication and the finest materials, WILLIAM ABRAHAM seeks to elevate fine men’s socks to be an esteemed element of the well-heeled man’s considered wardrobe.

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